About A-Able Septic

A-Able Septic Sewer Service Inc, of Crystal River, Florida serves Citrus, Marion and Hernando Counties with residential septic services and all of central Florida with commercial services.  Call 352-795-1554 for assistance.

A-Able Septic Sewer Service is the proven expert in Citrus County with over 35-years providing professional service to our community.

We created a YouTube channel to help answer customer questions.  If you have a question, email us at bradst.clair@a-ableseptic.com

Check us out – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0EOsQDlhKGFdsWRF0bnR1w


The primary residential septic sewer services we offer are: septic tank service, drain field repair, new residential septic system, specialty mound drain fields and aerobic septic tank installation.  We also provide thorough real estate inspections.

Able Advantage Program.  A-Able Septic Sewer Service offers a program called the Able Advantage – we remember for you!  Our customers can opt for a 36-month courtesy call to schedule their EPA-recommended maintenance.

A-Able recommends a 3-year service cycle for residential septic tanks.  Regular maintenance provides 3 main benefits:

#1. Like your car, your septic system is designed for regular maintenance..  

#2. Your system will last longer and perform better.  

#3. And, by having 3-year septic maintenance performed, you are helping save the environment by reducing groundwater nitrogen.

Why is my toilet gurgling?  You are overdue for service, call 352-795-1554.  Your septic tank filter is clogged and water cannot flow through the system.  Stop all water usage and call us right away.

Is bleach bad for my septic tank?  Yes.  Inside your septic tank are billions of bacteria digesting everything you flush down the toilet. It’s an essential part of the process.  Cleaners like bleach kill the bacteria, disrupting the system. Avoid doing that.

What is the difference between an anaerobic septic system and an aerobic septic system?  The anaerobic septic system is the standard septic sewer system used in the United States.  Anaerobic means ‘without oxygen’, the bacteria inside do not need oxygen to do their job.

Aerobic means ‘with oxygen’, the bacteria inside this tank require oxygen to do their job.  An aerobic septic tank uses a special pump to inject air into the sludge.

Do I really need a new septic tank filter? A septic tank filter is made of plastic and customers can easily see if the filter looks cracked or brittle.  The filter’s job is to prevent solids from ruining your drainfield.


We get many questions about drain fields and drain field repair.  Your drain field has a lifespan that begins the day water starts moving through the system.  And many years later, your drain field will not be able to transport all the water away from your home, and you will need a drain field replacement.

A-Able Septic Sewer System is the undisputed expert in drain field repair/replacement.

Can I restore my drainfield?  Sadly, no.  Everything has a lifespan, including a septic drainfield.  The only good news here is that there are many mis-diagnoses in the drain field arena. If you’ve received this bad news and are skeptical, simply wait a few weeks until your tank fills back up and you’ll learn if your drain field works.

Can I pour chemicals down my toilet to save my drain field?  A-Able suggests you do not pour chemicals down your toilet.  We have customers that spend $100’s on nonsense and then call us to replace the drain field.

What can I do if the other guy told me my drain field is dead?  Simply wait a couple weeks until your tank fills up.  If you start backing up again, call A-Able Septic at 352-795-1554.

How can I save my septic drainfield?  Sometimes your drain field is competing with rain, sprinklers or badly-aimed gutters.  Reduce competition by: 

#1. Ensuring your lawn sprinklers are NOT sprinkling your drain field.

#2. Pointing gutter downspouts away from your drain field.

#3. Taking it easy on home water usage.

What does ‘resting the drain field’ mean?  ‘Resting the drain field’ means you stop all water usage for two weeks and try to prevent water from falling onto the drain field like rain, sprinklers and gutter downspouts.   Sometimes sewer backups are caused because the soil around your drain field is saturated with water. Resting the drain field allows water to drain and often allows for the resumption of normal water usage.  

No Commissions!  A-Able Septic Sewer Service does not pay sales commissions to our drivers.  Our team is professional and courteous. We go out of our way to be honest advocates for our customers.

A-Able is successful specifically because we provide honest service to our customers.

Real Estate Inspections.  Does A-Able provide septic system inspections for real estate?  YES!  If you are buying a home, make sure the septic tank is pumped and checked out.

New Construction.  A-Able Septic Sewer Service Inc installs septic systems for new construction.  We are the area experts for aerobic septic tanks and mound drain field systems.


A-Able Septic Sewer Service provides commercial services everywhere in central Florida.  The primary commercial services we offer are sludge hauling and grease trap pumping. Our experts provide these services for RV and mobile home parks, prisons, rest areas, fair grounds, schools and assisted living facilities, to name a few.  

And of course we provide grease trap services for commercial kitchens of all sizes.

Our commercial services are available for private businesses and municipal governments, call 352-795-1554 for assistance.

We want our commercial customers to know that when you hire A-Able, we become part of your team!  We are excited to partner with you to provide a clean, sanitary environment.

A-Able Septic Sewer Service Inc. Facility

Residual Management Facility.  A-Able Septic Sewer Service of Citrus County, Florida, operates an RMF capable of processing over 900,000 gallons of sludge per month.  Inspected and approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, A-Able’s RMF is just another reason why we are the #1 provider of septic sewer services in greater central Florida.

A-Able’s RMF helps protect the environment by reducing nitrogen reaching our groundwater.  And after the dewatering process, all residuals are composted to maximize environmental efficiency.

New trucks and powerful pumps.  A-Able Septic Service operates and maintains the largest and newest fleet of trucks in the area.  Our drivers and vehicles are ready to provide service on time and with the proper equipment.

The best team in the business!  A-Able’s incredible success is primarily due to our amazing staff.  Treating our customers with dignity and professionalism are free services we are honored to perform for our customers.  And our technicians are the best in the business, guaranteed. Our customers appreciate our honesty and integrity, that’s why we are approaching 40-years of service in central Florida.

If it’s been 3-years since your last septic tank service, or you can’t remember when, call A-Able Septic Sewer Service and ask for the Able Advantage. We’ll provide the maintenance and you can enjoy some peace of mind.  Call 352-795-1554.

If you seek knowledge, technology and experience, then A-Able is your 1st choice.

A-Able’s operational crown jewel is the RMF, or Residual Management Facility.  This state-of-the-art facility is inspected and approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and has a capacity of over 1-million gallons per month.

Nobody out-performs A-Able.  We have the capacity to handle ANY commercial or residential septic sewer issue right away.  And we ensure the best possible service by continuously upgrading our trucks and equipment.

The best team in the business!  A-Able’s incredible success is primarily due to our amazing staff.  Treating our customers with dignity and professionalism are free services we are honored to perform for our customers.  And our technicians are the best in the business, guaranteed.

For more than 30-years, A-Able Septic Sewer Service, Inc has provided the best technology, service and experience to every home and business we serve.  We cherish every customer from our largest commercial clients to our everyday residential customers.  And we invite you to learn more by giving our office a call at 352-795-1554.