Residential Services

A-Able Septic Sewer Service Inc provides residential services for Citrus, Marion and Hernando counties in central Florida.

Septic tank pump-out and inspection.  We provide septic tank service in Citrus County, Marion Oaks and parts of Hernando County.  Septic tank service includes complete pump-out and hose-down of the septic tank, pulling the septic tank filter (when applicable) for cleaning and inspection.

Watch Brad St. Clair demonstrate a tank service: 

Able Advantage.  A-Able Septic Sewer Service Inc created a new free service called the ABLE ADVANTAGE – it’s a simple reminder service that gives customers peace of mind.  We simply call you every 3-years and ensure regular maintenance gets done. All you pay is the standard septic service fee and we do the rest.

A-Able Septic recommends residential septic service every 36 months to ensure continuous worry free operation. 

Drain Field Testing The only way to test a drain field is to bring a gigantic water truck to your home, pump water into your septic tank and time how long it takes to drain.  A bunch of water. The only other way to know is when you pull the filter during a septic tank service. If water gushes from your drain field, then you have a problem.  After that the only way to know is with the water truck. Call 352-795-1554

Drain Field Repair/Replacement.  All septic drain fields have a lifespan.  Regular maintenance helps extend the life of your drain field, but one day it will not be able to transport wastewater away from your home.  The only way this can be fixed is by digging up your drain field and installing a new one.

A-Able Septic Sewer Service Inc is the undisputed leader in precision drain field installation.  We back up every drain field we install with our 37-year reputation of excellence. If you are concerned your drain field is in failure, call 352-795-1554 and ask for help.

Real Estate Inspection.  A-Able provides official real estate inspections.  You can fill out our REAL ESTATE INSPECTION REQUEST FORM – we will contact you and schedule the appointment.

New Construction Septic Sewer Systems.  A-Able Septic Service installs complete septic sewer systems for new construction.  We work together with area contractors so the new construction installation is perfect.  Area contractors rely on A-Able because we have a wide range of big trucks to ensure every job is completed on schedule.

Specialty Systems

Mound System.  A-Able Septic Sewer Service Inc installs mound systems primarily on the gulf coast of Florida.  Mound systems are raised drain fields and are used where the water table is especially high, like on the gulf coast.   Water is pumped to the top of the mound and then percolates down like normal.

Aerobic Systems A-Able installs aerobic septic systems.  Aerobic septic systems are like little water treatment plants.  They produce a much ‘cleaner’ effluent (water part), than the traditional anaerobic septic system.  Aerobic systems are used where the water table is higher or where water percolates through soil faster.